Anne Bishop Quotes: Hes My Friend My Brother He Whispered

He's My Friend, My Brother," He Whispered Into Her Shoulder. "He's Dying."
"Daemon." Jaenelle Gently Stroked His Hair. "Daemon, We Have To Help Him. I Could-"
"No!" Don't Tempt Me With Hope. Don't Tempt Me To Take That Kind Of Risk. "You Can't Help Him. Nothing Can Help Him Now."
Jaenelle Tried To Push Back To Look At Him, But He Wouldn't Let Her. "I Know I Promised Him I Wouldn't Wander Around Terreille, But-" Daemon Licked A Tear.
"You Met Him? He Saw You Once?"
"Once." She Paused. "Daemon, I Might Be Able To-"
"No," Daemon Moaned Into Her Neck. "He Wouldn't Want You There, And If Something Happened To You, He'd Never Forgive Me. Never.
— Anne Bishop —

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