Suzanne Finnamore Quotes: To My Amazement And Great Bittersweet

To My Amazement And Great, Bittersweet Joy, I Can Hear In Him Every Reason I Feell In Love With His Father-everything, Like A Second Sonata To A First. All The Lovely Unspoiled Good Of N, Bubbling Forth From His Son, Unlooked For, Oozing Up From A Well Of Genealogy And Fate. I Can Manage To Misplace My Husabnd, But This Flesh Is Chained To Mine. I Will Always Be Reminded Of The Marital Loss, But I Have The Benefits Of The Entire Play, The Witness Of The Evolution, The New Art. I See The Magic Every Day; I Live With The Sorcerer In Yellow Pants. N Gets Pieces And Stems Of A, Random And Marred By Guilty.
— Suzanne Finnamore —

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