Anna Gavalda Quotes: So Its Just That I Have A Problem With

So ... It's Just That I Have A Problem With Voltage. I Don't Know How To Explain It ... I Often Get The Feeling I've Got A Button Missing, You Know, Some Knob For Adjusting The Volume. I Always Go Too Far To One Extreme Or The Other. I Can Never Find The Right Balance And Whatever I Take A Fancy To-well, It Always Ends Badly." She Was Surprised At Herself. Why Was She Confiding In Him Like This? Slightly Tipsy, Maybe? "When I Drink, I Drink Too Much, When I Smoke, I Fuck Myself Up, When I Love, I Go Out Of My Mind And When I Work, It's Into The Ground. Dead. I Don't Know How To Do Things Normally, Quietly, I-
— Anna Gavalda —

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