Glen Duncan Quotes: And Saying Itthe First Time We Say It

And Saying It
the First Time We Say It And Mean It
We Cross Over Into That Other World That Has So Far Been No More Than A Suspicion Or A Dream. Saying It, We Enter The Golden Realm Where The Old Structures Of Doubt And The Agony Of Incompleteness Disappear, And The Utterance Itself Is The First Bright Rung On The Ladder Of New Possibility. What A Relief! What A Joyous Relief From The Distinctive Weight Of Your Own Soul, To Be Able To Look Unguardedly Into The Eyes Of Another And Say It, Meaning It And Heady With Knowing You Mean It: "I Love You." If The Wind Had Blown Through Me At That Moment, My Body Would Have Sung Like A Chime.
— Glen Duncan —

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