Michael Cunningham Quotes: Susan Was A Tough Minded Romantic She

Susan Was A Tough-minded Romantic. She Wanted To Fall In Love With A Book. She Always Had Reasons For Her Devotions, As An Astute Reader Would, But She Was, To Her Credit, Probably The Most Emotional One Among Us. Susan Could Fall In Love With A Book In More Or Less The Way One Falls In Love With A Person. Yes, You Can Provide, If Asked, A List Of Your Loved One's Lovable Qualities: He's Kind And Funny And Smart And Generous And He Knows The Names Of Trees.
But He's Also More Than Amalgamation Of Qualities. You Love Him, The Entirety Of Him, Which Can't Be Wholly Explained By Even The Most Exhaustive Explication Of His Virtues. And You Love Him No Less For His Failings. O.K., He's Bad With Money, He Can Be Moody Sometimes, And He Snores. His Marvels So Outshine The Little Complaints As To Render Them Ridiculous.
— Michael Cunningham —

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