Chuck Klosterman Quotes: Everyone Who Loves Pro Basketball

Everyone Who Loves Pro Basketball Assumes It's A Little Fixed. We All Think The Annual Draft Lottery Is Probably Rigged, We All Accept That The League Aggressively Wants Big Market Teams To Advance Deep Into The Playoffs, And We All Concede That Certain Marquee Players Are Going To Get Preferential Treatment For No Valid Reason. The Outcomes Of Games Aren't Predeteremined Or Scripted But There Are Definitely Dark Forces Who Play With Our Reality. There Are Faceless Puppet Masters Who Pull Strings And Manipulate The Purity Of Justice. It's Not Necessarily A Full-on Conspiracy, But It's Certainly Not Fair. And That's Why The NBA Remains The Only Game That Matters: Pro Basketball Is Exactly Like Life.
— Chuck Klosterman —

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