Rick Bass Quotes: I Buried Her Like A Pagan I Put Deer

I Buried Her Like A Pagan. I Put Deer Bones In With Her, For Her Journey; A Blanket, For Warmth; Flowers, Cedar Fronds, Stones From Places We'd Been, Grouse Feathers, A Tidbit Of Raw Venison Hamburger, And A Swatch Of My Own Hair. A Headstone, A Footstone. I Planted An Aspen Tree Above The Headstone, To Give Her Shade, And To Someday Provide Leaf-music In The Breeze. It Took A Long Time Before I Was Worth A Damn Again. How To Measure The Eleven Years Of Magic She Brought To Us? How, Now, To Say Thank You? Too Late, As Usual, For These Sorts Of Things.
— Rick Bass —

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