Nicole Krauss Quotes: It Wasnt Always Like This There Was A

It Wasn't Always Like This. There Was A Time When I Imagined My Life Could Happen In Another Way. It's True That Early On I Became Used To The Long Hours I Spent Alone. I Discovered That I Did Not Need People As Others Did. After Writing All Day It Took An Effort To Make Conversation, Like Wading Through Cement, And Often I Simply Chose Not To Make It, Eating At A Restaurant With A Book Or Going For Long Walks Alone Instead, Unwinding The Solitude Of The Day Through The City. But Loneliness, True Loneliness, Is Impossible To Accustom Oneself To, And While I Was Still Young I Thought Of My Situation As Somehow Temporary, And Did Not Stop Hoping And Imagining That I Would Meet Someone And Fall In Love ... Yes, There Was A Time Before I Closed Myself Off To Others.
— Nicole Krauss —

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