Natsuki Takaya Quotes: Youre Trying To Find It Youre Probably

You're Trying To Find It. You're Probably Trying To Find- The Reason That You Live- All By Yourself. Because ... Because, In Reality, There Aren't Any People Who Are Born With Reasons To Live. I Think That ... That Everyone Has To Find Their Reason To Live. A Reason To Live. A Reason To Say That It's Okay To Be Here. A Reason For Being. Everyone Must Find Out And Then Decide. Maybe In A Dream, Or In A Job, Or In A Person. "The Reason" You Find Might Be Unclear, Uncertain, And Unstable. Even Though You May Lose It, I Want To Have A Reason For As Long As I Live. I Also Want One. And Then, If It's Possible, I Want To Find It In Somebody's Heart. I Want To Be Able To Live For Someone. I Hope That Someday, Someone Would Tell Me, 'You Can Think Of It That Way.' At Times I Want To Give Up, But I Try My Best. That's Why ... That's Why It's Okay, For Sure, To Be Shameless. Because If You Lead A Bold Life, Someday You Might Meet Someone With Whom You'll Want To Eat Takoyaki Together.
— Natsuki Takaya —

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