Lauren Barnholdt Quotes: I Have A Heart No You Dont Yes I Do He

I Have A Heart!"
"No, You Don't."
"Yes, I Do," He Says. "Look, I'll Prove It To You." He Reaches Into The Tub And Wraps His Arms Around Hector, Suds And All. "Oooh," He Says In A Baby Voice. "Ooooh, Hector, You're Such A Good Boy, Oooh, I Love You, Hector."
Hector's Tail Immediately Starts Wagging, And He Pushes His Snout Into Jace's Face And Starts Licking It. "Oh, Hector, You're So Sweet," Jace Says. "You're Just The Best Dog."
Hector Moves And Jace's Elbows Slip, Causing Jace's Whole Upper Body To Slide Over The Side And Into The Tub. For A Second, Everyone Freezes. I'm Afraid Jace Is Going To Be Mad, Since Now He's Soaking Wet, But Instead He Just Says, "Oooh, Hector, That's Okay," And Then Slides His Whole Body Into The Tub, Clothes And All.
Hector Gives A Happy Bark, Glad To Have A Friend With Him, And Then Plants His Front Paws On Jace's Chest.
— Lauren Barnholdt —

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