H.G. Wells Quotes: When Afterwards I Tried To Tell My Aunt

When Afterwards I Tried To Tell My Aunt, She Punished Me Again For My Wicked Persistence. Then, As I Said, Everyone Was Forbidden To Listen To Me, To Hear A Word About It. Even My Fairy-tale Books Were Taken Away From Me For A Time - Because I Was Too 'imaginative'. Eh! Yes, They Did That! My Father Belonged To The Old School ... And My Story Was Driven Back Upon Myself. I Whispered It To My Pillow - My Pillow That Was Often Damp And Salt To My Whispering Lips With Childish Tears. And I Added Always To My Official And Less Fervent Prayers This One Heartfelt Request: 'Please God I May Dream Of The Garden. O! Take Me Back To My Garden.
— H.G. Wells —

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