Jonathan Tropper Quotes: Heres The Thing I Dont Think Youre In

Here's The Thing. I Don't Think You're In Love With Her, Not All The Way. If You Were, I Think You Would Seem More Certain About It. More Jazzed. You Wouldn't Hug Me The Way We Hug, And Say The Things You Say To Me. You Definitely Wouldn't Have Kissed Me The Other Day The Way You Did. I'm Not Saying You're In Love With Me. I'm Just Saying That Whatever This Thing Is You Feel Toward Me, This Thing We're Both Too Scared To Mention, I Don't Think It Could Exist If You Were Head Over Heels In Live With Hope. And If That's The Case, If Youre Not Head Over Heels In Love With Her, You Shouldnt Marry Her.
— Jonathan Tropper —

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