Plato Quotes: You Are A Philosopher Thrasymachus I

You Are A Philosopher, Thrasymachus, I Replied, And Well Know That If You Ask A Person What Numbers Make Up Twelve, Taking Care To Prohibit Him Whom You Ask From Answering Twice Six, Or Three Times Four, Or Six Times Two, Or Four Times Three, 'for This Sort Of Nonsense Will Not Do For Me,'-then Obviously, If That Is Your Way Of Putting The Question, No One Can Answer You. But Suppose That He Were To Retort, 'Thrasymachus, What Do You Mean? If One Of These Numbers Which You Interdict Be The True Answer To The Question, Am I Falsely To Say Some Other Number Which Is Not The Right One?-is That Your Meaning?'-How Would You Answer Him? Just As If The Two Cases Were At All Alike! He Said. Why Should They Not Be? I Replied; And Even If They Are Not, But Only Appear To Be So To The Person Who Is Asked, Ought He Not To Say What He Thinks, Whether You And I Forbid Him Or Not?
— Plato —

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