John Crowley Quotes: In Those Ancient Rooms Near The Center

In Those Ancient Rooms Near The Center Of Belaire All Our Wisdom Originates, Born In The Gossip's Mind As She Sits To Watch The Filing System Or Think On The Saints. Things Come Together, And The Saint Or The System Reveals A New Thing Not Thought Before To Be There, But Which Once Born Spirals Out Like Path Along The Cords, Being Changed By Them As It Goes. As I Got Older, The Stories Of The Saints Which Painted Red Told Absorbed Me More And More; When One Day I Stayed After Everyone Else Had Gone, Hoping To Hear More, Painted Red Said To Me: 'Remember, Rush, There's No One Who Would Not Rather Be Happy Than Be A Saint.' I Nodded, But I Didn't Know What She Meant. It Seemed To Me That Anyone Who Was A Saint Would Have To Be Happy. I Wanted To Be A Saint, Though I Told No One, And The Thought Gave Me Nothing But Joy.
— John Crowley —

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