Jonathan Franzen Quotes: It Happened Very Fast And Now That Hes

It Happened Very Fast. And Now That He's Dead He Can't Remember Pain. It's As If He'd Never Existed.'
He Wanted Her To Believe This, But He Wasn't Sure He Believed It Himself. If Time Was Infinite, Then Three Seconds And Three Years Represented The Same Infinitely Small Fraction Of It. And So, If Inflicting Three Years Of Fear And Suffering Was Wrong, As Everyone Would Agree, Then Inflicting Three Seconds Of It Was No Less Wrong. He Caught A Fleeting Glimpse Of God In The Math Here, In The Infinitesimal Duration Of A Life. No Death Could Be Quick Enough To Excuse Inflicting Pain. If You Were Capable Of Doing The Math, It Meant That A Morality Was Lurking In It.
— Jonathan Franzen —

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