Rumi Quotes: Wonder Without Willpower Loves Way

Love's Way Becomes A Pen Sometimes Writing G-sounds Like Gold Or R-sounds
like Tomorrow In Different Calligraphy
styles Sliding By, Darkening The Paper
Now It's Held Upside Down, Now Beside
the Head, Now Down And On To Something
else, Figuring. One Sentence Saves
an Illustrious Man From Disaster, But
fame Does Not Matter To The Split Tongue
of A Pen. Hippocrates Knows How The Cure
must Go. His Pen Does Not. This One
I Am Calling Pen, Or Sometimes Flag,
has No Mind. You, The Pen, Are Most Sanely
insane. You Cannot Be Spoken Of Rationally.
Opposites Are Drawn Into Your Presence But
not To Be Resolved. You Are Not Whole
or Ever Complete. You Are The Wonder
without Willpower Going Where You Want.
— Rumi —

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