Elyse M. Fitzpatrick Quotes: Recently I Was Having A Conversation

Recently I Was Having A Conversation With A Mom Who Is Trying To Wrestle Through The Implications Of Grace In Her Parenting Methods And Responsibilities. She Admitted That She Had Read Too Many Books. She Had Exhausted Herself Trying To Be A Good Mom And Meet All The Needs Of All Her Children, Raising Them For The Lord ... Now, In The Middle Of All Her Pain And Exhaustion, She's Trying To Embrace Grace But Continues To Be Crippled By Fear And Guilt. "I Wish I Had Never Read Those Books," She Admitted. "I Feel Guilty And Exhausted All The Time." I Asked Her, "How Would You Raise Your Children If All You Had Was The Bible?" "Well, I Guess I Would Love Them, Discipline Them, And Tell Them About Jesus." I Smiled And Answered, "Right.
— Elyse M. Fitzpatrick —

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