A.G. Howard Quotes: Is Jeb Alive I Ask Morpheus White Bleeds

"Is Jeb Alive?" I Ask Morpheus.
White Bleeds Into His Jeweled Markings-the Color Of Indifference. "I Didn't Kill Him, If That's What You're Implying."
"You Know It's Not. Could You For Once Just Give Me A Straight Answer?"
He Gazes Up At The Smoky Gray Sky. "Your Mortal Is Alive And Well. In Fact, You Will No Doubt Be Seeing Him Very Soon."
Relieved Tears Spring Into My Eyes. "So, That Means You Know Where He Is?" Is It Possible Morpheus Took Jeb Under His Wings After All?
Dad Stops Stuffing The Fabric In The Bag, As If Waiting To Hear The Answer.
Appraising His Cane, Morpheus Growls. "I Do Know Where He Is." Before I Can Respond, He Lifts His Eyes To Mine, Jewels Now Bordering On Emerald Green. "I Suppose I Should Be Grateful His Name Wasn't The First Thing That Came Out Of Your Mouth."
— A.G. Howard —

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