Chuck Palahniuk Quotes: As My Mom Sees It Her Dry Flaky Skin Is

As My Mom Sees It, Her Dry, Flaky Skin Is Some Immigrant's Vocational Opportunity. Plus, Hurting Her Offers Immigrants A Nifty Cathartic Therapy For Venting Their Rage. Her Chapped Lips And Split Ends Constitute Someone's Rungs Up The Socioeconomic Ladder To Escape Poverty. Sliding Into Middle Age Complete With Cellulite And Scaly Elbows, My Mother Has Become An Economic Engine, Generating Millions Of Dollars Which Will Be Wired To Feed Families And Purchase Cholera Medicine In Ecuador. Should She Ever Decide To "let Herself Go," No Doubt Tens Of Thousands Would Perish.
— Chuck Palahniuk —

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