Donna Tartt Quotes: Since Wed Both Been Through So Many Of

Since We'd Both Been Through So Many Of The Same Things, She And I, And We Were An Awful Lot Alike-too Much. And Because We'd Both Been Hurt So Badly, So Early On, In Violent And Irremediable Ways That Most People Didn't, And Couldn't, Understand, Wasn't It A Bit ... Precarious? A Matter Of Self-preservation? Two Rickety And Death-driven Persons Who Would Need To Lean On Each Other Quite So Much? Not To Say She Wasn't Doing Well At The Moment, Because She Was, But All That Could Change In A Flash With Either Of Us, Couldn't It? The Reversal, The Sharp Downward Slide, And Wasn't That The Danger? Since Our Flaws And Weaknesses Were So Much The Same, And One Of Us Could Bring The Other Down Way Too Quick?
— Donna Tartt —

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