Graham Greene Quotes: Then His Friend Said If You Fly You Will

Then His Friend Said, 'If You Fly You Will Save A Day.'
He Nodded, He Agreed, He Would Sacrifice His Ticket, He Would Save A Day.
I Ask You What Does A Day Saved Matter To Him Or To You? A Day Saved From What? For What? Instead Of Spending The Day Traveling, You Will See Your Friend A Day Earlier, But You Cannot Stay Indefinitely, You Will Travel Home Twenty-four Hours Sooner, That Is All. But You Will Fly Home And Again Save A Day? Save It Form What, For What? You Will Begin Work A Day Earlier, But You Cannot Work On Indefinitely. It Only Means That You Will Cease Work A Day Earlier. And Then, What? You Cannot Die A Day Earlier. So You Will Realize Perhaps How Rash It Was Of You To Save A Day, When You Discover How You Cannot Escape Those Twenty-four Hours You Have So Carefully Preserved; You May Push Them Forward And Push Them Forward, But Some Time They Must Be Spend, And Then You May Wish You Had Spent Them As Innocently As In The Train From Ostend.
— Graham Greene —

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