Robert Greene Quotes: There Are Many Paths To Mastery And If

There Are Many Paths To Mastery, And If You Are Persistent You Will Certainly Find One That Suits You.
But A Key Component In The Process Is Determining Your Mental And Psychological Strengths And Working With Them.
To Rise To The Level Of Mastery Requires Many Hours Of Dedicated Focus And Practice. You Cannot Get There If Your Work Brings You No Joy And You Are Constantly Struggling To Overcome Your Own Weaknesses.
You Must Look Deep Within And Come To An Understanding Of These Particular Strengths And Weaknesses You Possess, Being As Realistic As Possible. Knowing Your Strengths You Can Lean On Them With Utmost Intensity.
Once You Start In This Direction, You Will Gain Momentum. You Will Not Be Burdened By Conventions And You Will Not Be Slowed Down By Having To Deal With Skills That Go Against Your Inclinations And Strengths. In This Way, Your Creative And Intuitive Powers Will Be Naturally Awakened.
— Robert Greene —

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