Tamora Pierce Quotes: Corus Lay On The Southern Bank Of The

Corus Lay On The Southern Bank Of The Oloron River, Towers Glinting In The Sun. The Homes Of Wealthy Men Lined The River To The North; Tanners, Smiths, Wainwrights, Carpenters, And The Poor Clustered On The Bank To The South. The City Was A Richly Colored Tapestry: The Great Gate On Kings-bridge, The Maze Of The Lower City, The Marketplace, The Tall Houses In The Merchants' And The Gentry's Quarters, The Gardens Of The Temple District, The Palace. This Last Was The City's Crown And Southern Border. Beyond It, The Royal Forest Stretched For Leagues. It Was Not As Lovely As Berat Nor As Colorful As Udayapur, But It Was Alanna's Place.
— Tamora Pierce —

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