Robin Hobb Quotes: Why Cant People Love One Another And

Why Can't People Love One Another And Still Remain Free?" Althea Demanded Suddenly.
Amber Paused To Rub Her Eyes, Then Tug Thoughtfully At Her Earring. "One Can Love That Way," She Conceded Regretfully. "But The Price On That Kind Of Love May Be The Highest Of All." She Strung Her Words Together As Carefully As She Strung Her Beads. "To Love Another Person Like That, You Have To Admit That His Life Is As Important As Yours. Harder Still, You Have To Admit To Yourself That Perhaps He Has Needs You Cannot Fill, And That You Have Tasks That Will Take You Far Away From Him. It Costs Loneliness And Longing And Doubt And ...
— Robin Hobb —

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