Shannon L. Alder Quotes: Empowered Women 101 Only An Insecure

Empowered Women 101: Only An Insecure Woman With Control Issues Will Look Outside Her Relationship And Say Other People Are To Blame For Her Husband's Lack Of Focus, Love And Respect. A Real Woman Knows That The Problem Isn't Other People; It Is Her Man. If He Truly Loved You He Wouldn't Have Ever Made You An Option And Went Looking For What He Felt You Didn't Have. Don't Waste Your Time Trying To Convince Someone To See Your Worth By Destroying Others. There Will Always Be Someone Prettier, Smarter, More Spiritual And More Accomplished Than You To Distract This Person. A Real Woman Knows Her Worth And Will Never Have To Train Anyone To Recognize It.
— Shannon L. Alder —

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