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American Heart Association Has Reported That 75 Per Cent Of Heart Involvements Begin Before Ten Years Of Age. My Studies Have Shown That In About 95 Per Cent Of These Cases There Is Active Tooth Decay. The Important Change That I Made In This Boy's Dietary Program Was The Removal Of The White Flour Products And In Their Stead The Use Of Freshly Cracked Or Ground Wheat And Oats Used With Whole Milk To Which Was Added A Small Amount Of Specially High Vitamin Butter Produced By Cows Pasturing On Green Wheat. Small Doses Of A High-vitamin, Natural Cod Liver Oil Were Also Added. At This Time The Boy Was So Badly Crippled With Arthritis, In His Swollen Knees, Wrists, And Rigid Spine, That He Was Bedfast And Cried By The Hour. With The Improvement In His Nutrition Which Was The Only Change Made In His Care, His Acute Pain Rapidly Subsided, His Appetite Greatly Improved, He Slept Soundly And Gained Rapidly In Weight
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