Diana Gabaldon Quotes: Ive Never Been Afraid Of Ghosts I Live

I've Never Been Afraid Of Ghosts. I Live With Them Daily, After All. When I Look In A Mirror, My Mother's Eyes Look Back At Me; My Mouth Curls With The Smile That Lured My Great-grandfather To The Fate That Was Me. No, How Should I Fear The Touch Of Those Vanished Hands, Laid On Me In Love Unknowing? How Could I Be Afraid Of Those That Molded My Flesh, Leaving Their Remnants To Live Long Past The Grave? ... All The Time The Ghosts Flit Past And Through Us, Hiding In The Future. We Look In The Mirror And See Shades Of Other Faces Looking Back Through The Years; We See The Shape Of Memory, Standing Solid In An Empty Doorway. By Blood And By Choice, We Make Our Own Ghosts; We Haunt Ourselves.
— Diana Gabaldon —

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