Russ Harris Quotes: If You Love Somebody Deeply And You Lose

If You Love Somebody Deeply And You Lose That Relationship - Whether Through Death, Rejection Or Separation - You Will Feel Pain. That Pain Is Called Grief. Grief Is A Normal Emotional Reaction To Any Significant Loss, Whether A Loved One, A Job Or A Limb. There's No Way To Avoid Or Get Rid Of It - It's Just There. And, Once Accepted, It Will Pass In Its Own Time.
Unfortunately, Many Of Us Refuse To Accept Grief. We Will Do Anything Rather Than Feel It. We May Bury Ourselves In Work, Drink Heavily, Throw Ourselves Into A New Relationship 'on The Rebound' Or Numb Ourselves With Prescribed Medications. But No Matter How Hard We Try To Push Grief Away, Deep Down Inside It's Still There. And Eventually It Will Be Back.
It's Like Holding A Football Underwater. As Long As You Keep Holding It Down, It Stays Beneath The Surface. But Eventually Your Arm Gets Tired And The Moment You Release Your Grip, The Ball Leaps Straight Up Out Of The Water.
— Russ Harris —

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