Richelle Mead Quotes: Shes An Alchemist Continued Nathan Not A

She's An Alchemist," Continued Nathan. "Not A Chauffeur. There's A Big Difference." Actually, There Were Days At Amberwood I Doubted That. "Come, Miss Sage. If You've Wasted Your Day Driving My Son Here, The Least I Can Do Is Buy You Lunch."
I Shot A Panicked Look At Adrian. It Wasn't Panicked Because I Was Afraid Of Being With Moroi. I'd Long Since Gotten Used To These Sorts Of Situations. What I Was Unsure Of Was If Adrian Really Wanted Me Around For His Family Reunion. That Hadn't Been Part Of The Plan. Also, I Wasn't Sure That I Really Wanted To Be Around For Said Reunion Either.
"Dad-" Adrian Attempted.
"I Insist," Said Nathan Crisply. "Pay Attention And Learn Common Courtesy." He Turned And Began Walking Away, Assuming We'd Follow. We Did.
"Should I Find A Reason To Leave?" I Whispered To Adrian.
"Not When He Uses His 'I Insist' Voice," Came The Muttered Response.
— Richelle Mead —

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