Richelle Mead Quotes: His Dark Eyes Were On The Road Ahead

His Dark Eyes Were On The Road Ahead, Thoughtful. "No. I Was Hoping To Go Back To Tucson And See If I Could Get This Hot Chick I Know To Go Out With Me. I Hear She's In Demand, Though. She Keeps Putting Me Off Each Time I Try To Plan Something Romantic."
"Yeah, Well, Maybe If You Come Up With A Good Itinerary, You Could Lure Her Out."
"I Was Thinking Dinner At Joe's."
I Made A Face. "If That's The Case, Maybe You'd Better Brace Yourself For Rejection."
"Red Pepper Bistro?"
"Okay. Now You're In The Zone."
"Followed By A Long Massage In The Sauna."
"That's Pretty Good Too."
"And Then Indecent Things In The Sauna."
"I Hope You Mean You'll Be Doing The Indecent Things-because I More Than Did My Share Last Night."
Kiyo Glanced Over At Me With A Mischievous Grin. "Who Says I'm Talking About You?
— Richelle Mead —

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