Robin S. Sharma Quotes: The Starting Point Of Enlightenment A

The Starting Point Of Enlightenment, A Goal That Every Person Should Strive For, Is Inner Leadership. Leadership Is Far More Than Something Businesspeople Do At Work. Leadership Is All About Personal Responsibility, Self-discovery, And Creating Value In The World By The People We Become. Too Many People Spend Their Time Blaming Others For All That Isn't Working In Their Lives. We Blame Our Spouses For Our Unhappy Home Lives; We Blame Our Bosses For Our Distress At Work; We Blame Strangers On The Freeway For Making Us Angry; We Blame Our Parents For Keeping Us Small. Blame, Blame, Blame, Blame. But Blaming Others Is Nothing More Than Excusing Yourself. Blaming Others For The Current Quality Of Your Life Is A Sad Way To Live. In Doing So, All You're Doing Is Playing The Victim.
— Robin S. Sharma —

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