Oscar Wilde Quotes: Phidias And The Achievements Of Greek

Phidias And The Achievements Of Greek Art Are Foreshadowed In Homer: Dante Prefigures For Us The Passion And Colour And Intensity Of Italian Painting: The Modern Love Of Landscape Dates From Rousseau, And It Is In Keats That One Discerns The Beginning Of The Artistic Renaissance Of England. Byron Was A Rebel And Shelley A Dreamer; But In The Calmness And Clearness Of His Vision, His Perfect Self-control, His Unerring Sense Of Beauty And His Recognition Of A Separate Realm For The Imagination, Keats Was The Pure And Serene Artist, The Forerunner Of The Pre-Raphaelite School, And So Of The Great Romantic Movement Of Which I Am To Speak.
— Oscar Wilde —

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