Kristin Cashore Quotes: Of Course It Was Impossible In This

Of Course, It Was Impossible, In This Company, Not To Think About Balances Of Power. Raffin And Bann Glanced At Each Other Now And Then, Sharing Silent Agreement, Teasing Each Other, Or Just Resting Their Eyes On Each Other, As If Each Man Was A Comfortable Resting Place For The Other. Prince Raffin, Heir To The Middluns Throne; Bann, Who Had No Title, No Fortune. How She Longed To Ask Them Questions That Were Too Nosy For Asking, Even By Her Standards. How Did They Balance Money Matters? How Did They Make Decisions? How Did Bann Cope With The Expectation That Raffin Marry And Produce Heirs? If Randa Knew The Truth About His Son, Would Bann Be In Danger? Did Bann Ever Resent Raffin's Wealth And Importance? What Was The Balance Of Power In Their Bed?
— Kristin Cashore —

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