Ian McEwan Quotes: Once On A Walk By A River Eskdale In Low

Once, On A Walk By A River- Eskdale In Low Reddish Sunlight, With A Dusting Of Snow- His Daughter Quoted To Him An Opening Verse By Her Favourite Poet. Apparently, Not Many Young Women Loved Phillip Larkin The Way She Did. 'If I Were To Construct A Religion/ I Should Make Use Of Water.' She Said She Liked The Laconic Use Of 'called In'- As If He Would Be, As If Anyone Ever Is. They Stopped To Drink Coffee From A Flask, And Perowne, Tracing A Line Of Lichen With A Finger, Said That If He Ever Got The Call, He'd Make Us Of Evolution. What Better Creation Myth? An Unimaginable Sweep Of Time, Numberless Generations Spawning By Infinitesimal Steps Complex Living Beauty Out Of Inert Matter, Driven On By The Blind Furies Of Random Mutation, Natural Selection And Environmental Change, With The Tragedy Of Forms Continually Dying, And Lately The Wonder Of Minds Emerging And With Them Morality, Love, Art, Cities- And The Unprecedented Bonus Of This Story Happening To Be Demonstrably True.
— Ian McEwan —

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