William Faulkner Quotes: I Lied I Said I Know It He Said Then Do

I Lied," I Said ...
"I Know It," He Said.
"Then Do Something About It. Do Anything, Just So It's Something."
"I Cant," He Said.
"There Aint Anything To Do? Not Anything?"
"I Didn't Say That," Grandfather Said. "I Said I Couldn't. You Can."
"What?" I Said. "How Can I Forget It? Tell Me How To."
"You Cant," He Said. "Nothing Is Ever Forgotten. Nothing Is Ever Lost. It's Too Valuable."
"Then What Can I Do?"
"Live With It," Grandfather Said.
"Live With It? You Mean, Forever? For The Rest Of My Life? Not Ever To Get Rid Of It? Never? I Cant. Dont You See That I Cant?"
"Yes You Can," He Said. "You Will. A Gentleman Always Does. A Gentleman Can Live Through Anything. He Faces Anything. A Gentleman Accepts The Responsibility Of His Actions And Bears The Burden Of Their Consequences, Even When He Did Not Himself Instigate Them But Only Acquiesced To Them, Didn't Say No Though He Knew He Should.
— William Faulkner —

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