J.D. Salinger Quotes: It Isnt Just Wally It Could Be A Girl

It Isn't Just Wally. It Could Be A Girl, For Goodness' Sake. I Mean If He Were A Girl - Somebody In My Dorm, For Example, - He'd Have Been Painting Scenery In Some Stock Company All Summer. Or Bicycled Through Wales. Or Taken An Apartment In New York And Worked For A Magazine Or An Advertising Company. It's Everybody, I Mean. Everything Everybody Does Is So - I Don't Know, Not Wrong, Or Even Mean, Or Even Stupid, Necessarily. But Just So Tiny And Meaningless And - Sad-making.
And The Worst Part Is, If You Go Bohemian Or Something Crazy Like That, You're Conforming Just As Much As Everybody Else, Only In A Different Way.
— J.D. Salinger —

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