Toni Morrison Quotes: Mrs Breedlove Considered Herself An

Mrs. Breedlove Considered Herself An Upright And Christian Woman, Burdened With A No-count Man, Whom God Wanted Her To Punish. (Cholly Was Beyond Redemption, Of Course, And Redemption Was Hardly The Point - Mrs. Breedlove Was Not Interested In Christ The Redeemer, But Rather Christ The Judge.) Often She Could Be Heard Discoursing With Jesus About Cholly, Pleading With Him To Help Her "strike The Bastard Down From His Pea-knuckle Of Pride." And Once When A Drunken Gesture Catapulted Cholly Into The Red-hot Stove, She Screamed, "Get Him, Jesus! Get Him!" If Cholly Had Stopped Drinking, She Would Have Never Forgiven Jesus.
— Toni Morrison —

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