Anne Stuart Quotes: My Love He Said With Great Patience

My Love," He Said With Great Patience, "you're Hair Is A Rat's Nest. Your Eyes Are Swollen From Weeping, Your Nose Is Red, Your Clothing Is Tattered, And You Face Is Streaked With Mud. You Are Still Beyond Passing Fair, But Not Enough To Tempt My Immortal Soul." He Wiped A Patch Of Mud From Her Delicate Cheekbone. "I Love You Because You Have A Fierce Heart, A Brave Soul, A Tender Touch, And Woman's Grace. I Love You For A Thousand Reasons That I Cant Even Begin To Understand, When I Didn't Want To Love You At All. I Love Your Mind And Your Heart And Soul, And Yes, I Love Your Pretty Face As Well.
— Anne Stuart —

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