Wally Lamb Quotes: The Non Jocks The Readers The Gay Kids

The Non-jocks, The Readers, The Gay Kids, The Ones Starting To Stew About Social Injustice: For These Kids, "letting Your Freak Flag Fly" Is Both Self Discovery And Self Defense. You Cry For This Bunch At The Mandatory Pep Assemblies. Huddled Together, Miserably, In The Upper Reaches Of The Bleachers, Wearing Their Oversized Raincoats And Their Secondhand Salvation Army Clothes, They Stare Down At The School-sanctioned Celebration Of The A List Students. They Know Bullying, These Kids
especially The Ones Who Frefuse To Exist Under The Radar. They're Tripped In The Hallway, Shoved Against Lockers, Pelted With Skittles In The Lunchroom. For The Most Part, Their Tormentors Are Stealth Artists.
The Freaks Know Where There's Refuge: I The Library, The Theater Program, Art Class, Creative Writing.
— Wally Lamb —

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