Janet Evanovich Quotes: Babe Ranger Shouted From The Bathroom

Babe!" Ranger Shouted From The Bathroom. "Come Get Your Grandmother." Ranger Was Standing In The Glass-enclosed Shower With The Door Open, Looking Out At Grandma. He Was Dripping Wet And Seemed Not Especially Concerned That He Was Naked. "It's Like She's Paralyzed," He Said. "Amazing," Grandma Said, Eyes Wide, Staring In Unblinking Stupefaction. I Yanked Grandma Out And Closed The Bathroom Door. "It Was Mesmerizing," Grandma Said. "It Was Like Staring Into The Eye Of A Cobra. I Don't Care If I Do Anything Else On The Bucket List. This Was Awesome. It Was Like A Biblical Experience.
— Janet Evanovich —

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