James Dashner Quotes: One Helped Him Through The Window Every

One Helped Him Through The Window. Every Inch Of His Body Ached And His Muscles Were Rubber, But Somehow He Managed To Make It On His Own, Falling To The Floor Of The Cockpit In A Heap. Alec Sat Hunched Over The Controls, His Face Slack And His Eyes Empty. Trina Sat In The Corner, Deedee Huddled In Her Lap. Both Of Them Looked At Him, But Their Expressions Were Unreadable. "Flat Trans," Mark Blurted Out. Sparkles And Flashes Of Light Continued To Cross His Field Of Vision, And He Could Barely Contain The Unstable Emotions That Churned Within Him. "Bruce Said The PFC Had A Flat Trans In Asheville. We Have To Find It." Alec's Head Snapped Up And He Glared At Mark. But Then Something Softened In His Gaze. "I Think I Know Where To
— James Dashner —

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