James Dashner Quotes: Tattered Water Or Something More Foul

Tattered. Water Or Something More Foul Soaked Both Knees Of The Pants. But Thomas Took All That In Quickly. Most Of His Attention Was Drawn To The Man's Head. Thomas Couldn't Help But Stare, Mesmerized. It Looked Like Hair Had Been Ripped From His Scalp, Leaving Bloody Scabs In Its Place. His Face Was Pallid And Wet, With Scars And Sores Everywhere. One Eye Was Gone, A Gummy Red Mass Where It Should Have Been. He Also Had No Nose, And Thomas Could Actually See Traces Of The Nasal Passages In His Skull Underneath The Terribly Mangled Skin. And His Mouth. Lips Drawn Back In A Snarl, Gleaming White Teeth Exposed, Clenched Tightly Together. His Good Eye Glared, Somehow Vicious In The Way It Darted Between Brenda And Thomas. Then The Man Said Something In A Wet And Gurgly Voice That Made Thomas Shiver. He Spoke Only A Few Words, But They Were So Absurd And Out Of Place That It Just Made The Whole Thing That Much More Horrifying. Rose
— James Dashner —

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