Jonathan Carroll Quotes: Look Around You Watch How People

Look Around You. Watch How People Function And Interact With One Another. You'll See This Is Going On Everywhere All The Time. People Devour Each Other In The Name Of Love, Or Family Or Country. But That's An Excuse; They're Just Hungry And Want To Be Fed. Read Their Faces, The Newspapers, Read What It Says On Their T-shirts! 'I Think You're Mistaking Me For Someone Who Gives A Shit.' 'My Parents Went To London But All They Brought Me Back Was This Lousy T-shirt.' 'So Many Women, So Little Time.' 'Whoever Dies With The Most Toys, Wins.' They're Supposed To Be Funny, Witty, And Postmodern, Miranda. But The Truth Is They're Only Stating A Fact: Me. I Come First. Get Out Of My Way.
— Jonathan Carroll —

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