Maggie Stiefvater Quotes: I Was Sitting In A Movie Theater At 4 13

I Was Sitting In A Movie Theater At 4:13 In The Morning, With A Faerie Muse Who Had Vaguely Psychic Vampire Tendencies, Watching The Sixth Sense.
At This Point In My Life I'd Had Some Pretty Freaky, Surreal Experiences Already, Such As (1) Watching My Best Friend Move Things With Her Mind, (2) Being Dragged From My Wrecked Car By A Soulless Faerie Assassin, And (3) Feeling The Inexorable Pull Of The King Of The Dead's Nightly Song. And Really, Sitting With Nuala And Watching A Crazy Little Boy Tell Bruce Willis That He Saw Dead People Should've Been Included Amongst Them.
— Maggie Stiefvater —

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