Aldous Huxley Quotes: Homer Was Wrong Wrote Heracleitus Of

Homer Was Wrong," Wrote Heracleitus Of Ephesus. "Homer Was Wrong In Saying: 'Would That Strife Might Perish From Among Gods And Men!' He Did Not See That He Was Praying For The Destruction Of The Universe; For If His Prayer Were Heard, All Things Would Pass Away." These Are The Words On Which The Superhumanists Should Meditate. Aspiring Toward A Consistent Perfection, They Are Aspiring Toward Annihilation. The Hindus Had The Wit To See And The Courage To Proclaim The Fact; Nirvana, The Goal Of Their Striving, Is Nothingness. Wherever Life Exists, There Also Is Inconsistency, Division, Strife.
— Aldous Huxley —

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