Marcel Proust Quotes: This Was To Say However That She Did Not

This Was To Say, However, That She Did Not Long, At Times, For Some Even Greater Variation, That She Did Not Pass Through Those Abnormal Hours In Which One Thirsts For Something Different From What One Has, When Those People Who, Through Lack Of Energy Or Imagination, Are Unable To Generate Any Motive Power In Themselves, Cry Out, As The Clock Strikes Or The Postman Knocks, In Their Eagerness For News (even If It Be Bad News), For Some Emotion (even That Of Grief); When The Heartstrings, Which Prosperity Has Silenced, Like A Harp Laid By, Yearn To Be Plucked And Sounded Again By Some Hand, Even A Brutal Hand, Even If It Shall Break Them; When The Will, Which Has With Such Difficulty Brought Itself To Subdue To Its Impulse, To Renounce Its Right To Abandon Itself To Its Own Uncontrolled Desires, And Consequent Sufferings, Would Fain Cast Its Guiding Reins Into The Hands Of Circumstances, Coercive And, It May Be, Cruel.
— Marcel Proust —

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