Kinley MacGregor Quotes: Staring At The Floor She Didnt Even Look

Staring At The Floor, She Didn't Even Look Up As The Final Contestant Entered.
Not Until She Heard A Deep, Rich Baritone That Filled The Hall With The Most Beautiful Sound She Had Ever Heard.
Her Heart Pounding, She Looked Up To See Stryder Holding His Mother's Lute.
Only It Wasn't A Love Song He Sang.
More Like A Limerick, It Was A Song About A Woman Who Fancied Herself A Goose.
And A Man Who Gobbled Her Up.
Laughter And Applause Rang Out As Soon As He Strummed The Last Note.
Breathe, Breathe.
It Was The Only Thing Rowena Could Think. And Even That Couldn't Get Her To Take A Breath As Stryder Approached Her.
He Smoothed Her Hair And Straightened Her Feathered Crown. "Methinks My Goose Has Molted."
Rowena Laughed As More Tears Streaked Down Her Face.
— Kinley MacGregor —

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