Mary Roach Quotes: A Few Words In Defense Of Military

A Few Words In Defense Of Military Scientists. I Agree That Squad Leaders Are In The Best Position To Know What And How Much Their Men And Women Need To Bring On A Given Mission. But You Want Those Squad Leaders To Be Armed With Knowledge, And Not All Knowledge Comes From Experience. Sometimes It Comes From A Pogue At USUHS Who's Been Investigating The Specific And Potentially Deadly Consequences Of A Bodybuilding Supplement. Or An Army Physiologist Who Puts Men Adrift In Life Rafts Off The Dock At A Florida Air Base And Discovers That Wetting Your Uniform Cools You Enough To Conserve 74 Percent More Of Your Body Fluids Per Hour. Or The Navy Researcher Who Comes Up With A Way To Speed The Recovery Time From Travelers' Diarrhea. These Things Matter When It's 115 Degrees And You're Trying To Keep Your Troops From Dehydrating To The Point Of Collapse. There's No Glory In The Work. No One Wins A Medal. And Maybe Someone Should.
— Mary Roach —

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