Alain De Botton Quotes: Yet Whatever Her Enthusiasm For

Yet Whatever Her Enthusiasm For Independence, With Time Chloe Nevertheless Began Leaving Things Behind. Not Toothbrushes Or Pairs Of Shoes, But Pieces Of Herself. It Began With Language, With Chloe Leaving Me Her Way Of Saying Not Ever Instead Of Never, And Of Stressing The Be Of Before, Or Of Saying Take Care Before Hanging Up The Telephone. She In Turn Acquired Use Of My Perfect And If You Really Think So. Habits Began To Leak Between Us: I Acquired Chloe's Need For Total Darkness In The Bedroom, She Followed My Way Of Folding The Newspaper, I Took To Wandering In Circles Around The Sofa To Think A Problem Through, She Acquired A Taste Carpet.
— Alain De Botton —

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