Louisa May Alcott Quotes: You Do Me Proud Captain But Dear I Want

You Do Me Proud, Captain. But, Dear, I Want To Say One Thing And Then I'm Done; For You Don't Need Much Advice Of Mine After My Good Man Has Spoken. I Read Somewhere That Every Inch Of Rope In The British Navy Has A Strand Of Red In It, So Wherever A Bit Of It Is Found It Is Known. That Is The Text Of My Little Sermon To You. Virtue, Which Means Honour, Honesty, Courage, And All That Makes Character, Is The Red Thread That Marks A Good Man Wherever He Is. Keep That Always And Everywhere, So That Even If Wrecked By Misfortune, That Sign Shall Still Be Found And Recognized. Yours Is A Rough Life, And Your Mates Not All We Could Wish, But You Can Be A Gentleman In The True Sense Of The Word; And No Matter What Happens To Your Body, Keep Your Soul Clean, Your Heart True To Those Who Love You, And Do Your Duty To The End.
— Louisa May Alcott —

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